The Alliance Meet 2012

The Alliance Meet 2012 is long over. We thank every one who came out in their showing of solidarity to share our love for cars and motorsports.

We have several coverage posts from different photographer perspective. Links to those coverages are below.

Neo’s perspective

Tecky’s perspective

Jon’s perspective



29 thoughts on “The Alliance Meet 2012

  1. Wow 🙂 sound awesomely fun but I’ll be missing out on this 😦

    can’t wait to see all the photos from this event though 😀

    • yes certainly, if you’d like to display your car please click on the link to register. If you’d just like to come as a spectator there’s no need to register.

      See you there! cheers

  2. If i register my car for display, i understand car have to be on display from 12 to 6pm. But what happen if i cannot put my car for display at the last min (on the day itself) after registering?
    And will anybody be driving my car for shifting purpose to park at display and during display, can the spectator/visitor actually touch the car?

    • if you cant at the last minute please let us know, so we will not be saving u a spot. the whole time nobody will shift ur car except you… we will not take your car key or anything else…

      whether the spectators touch the cars, the car will be on display… you can choose to be around to ensure no spectators touch ur car… Generally people will go closer and take a look… Not too sure how many of them will molest the car though.

  3. can i have yr email add? I dunno if my ride is good enough to be displayed but as it stands now its abit raw wif afew scratches and a couple of rust spots… would like to show you some pics and ask for your comments before i decide….

    • Dude, Just come… Dont have to be shy about displaying your car. Its a meet to appreciate all cars.. Euros japanese and everything else… many of the cars registered that track regularly also have crappy paint works and chips here and there… its all right… part of the character of a car… Its alright to have something incomplete.

    • changi exhibition grounds are a private area that have been rented for the event. Summon aunties have no place there because its not a public parking area unlike the Kallang carpark.

      While the Changi exhibition grounds is a private area that enforcement will not be allowed on unless they possess a valid warrant, whether or not they will be waiting nearby the event grounds we have no control over. Hopefully with a location so far away from the general public, there will be no complains resulting in the appearance of enforcement.

  4. wouldn’t it b better if u group cars accordingly as there’ll b some uniformity n some cars won’t feel left out or out of spot when parking along/beside other rich/powerful/rare cars. As i know that i myself would certainally feel under pressure when parking along all those evos/wrxs/gtrs. When parking in a group, u will have a bit more to talk to same cars owners.

    • Actually shawn, we mixed all the cars on purpose. If you look in the list we allow almost all the different makes and models of cars. We want to encourage less discrimination much like in Japan and the USA where a Ferrari owner can still know how to admire some rusted rat rod… This is what we want to have here, something with less discrimination but instead, just admire the cars for what they are and what their owners wish them to be, be it cheap or expensive.. If we split all the different makes and models this discrimination will always carry on… And it will cause cases like as you mention, “feel stressed to park beside more high powered cars”. Everyone there loves cars and it what it should be, is a gathering purely based on the love of cars… Hope you’ll understand why we do it in this manner..


      • thanx 4 the clarification…one more think…if i were suppose to park my vehicle frm 12 to 6 but if during the timing i need the car…can i move it

  5. hi, just to check if possible that use a tow over as my ride is not abt to start but i doesnt wanna miss this event. pls advise?

    • The last time we held the event registration of cars were free… Entry for spectators were free too.. Depending on location or activities planned, it may or may not be the case next time round… We have plans to hold such an event again.. Probably not this soon but it will happen for sure…


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