2014 Tokyo Auto Salon : Essence (Part 2)

We are back with the second part of the Tokyo Auto Salon 2014 since the long awaited Part 1. The other brand that had a booth that was swapped with audience is none other than Trust with their R35X which grabbed best of show for 2014.  TAS2014_MG_8176web

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Feature: Phase’s EK Hatch

Text by : Neo, Photos by : Neo, Shane
Up until this very day, I believe that all Honda enthusiasts young and old will know this legendary model of Civic that Honda created back in 1996.

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Feature: Brendan’s S2000.

Text by : Ray Ng. Photos by : RandyF & Neo

Somehow to me it looks like a fierce Asimo.

Somehow to me it looks like a fierce Asimo.

Although this is the third S2000 to be featured on The Right Wrong, it is the first time I’m writing about a fellow editor’s ride. Forgive me for being self indulgent, but Brendan has featured two of my previous cars in different magazines, one a centrefold, and the other adorning the cover page. By penning this article, I wouldn’t say I’m returning a favour, I would say he, and his S2000, very much deserve it.

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Shop drop-in: Honda Love Part 1, Spoon Sports

Words by : RandyF Photos by : RandyF

Once again, another workshop I visited during my visit to Japan was Spoon Sports, one of the meccas for all you Honda fanboys out there running parts from their catalogue or a fully spec-ed engine signed off by its founder, Ichishima Tatsuru.

After seeing him converse with other tuners on countless Best Motoring International and Hot Version videos on YouTube, one can easily see his knowledge about the cars donning the H badge.

Upon reaching the venue, I realized that there was a publication also there for a shop tour, most likely arranged before hand unlike my unannounced arrival with a camera in hand and business card in the other. Like most Japanese I have met during the time, great hospitality was shown, this time by their R&D Director, Yuki Imamura san.

How bout some Type S love?

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Feature : Youri’s S2000

Text by : Ben Wong, Photos by : Neo & JieYong
I actually chanced upon this car on my way home one weekend with my music turned up loud, listening to a state of trance with Armin Van Buuren when I heard the screaming of a loud exhaust note over the music. A loud exhaust will always catch my attention and I checked my mirrors trying to make out what car was emitting that heavenly noise. The only hint were a pair of bright HIDs in my driver side mirror.

The only other thing I remember was letting out a “WOW” before turning my music down and winding down the window to fully appreciate this low sitting S2000 that shot by me. It was dimly lit and late in the night on the expressway when I first spotted this car and yet, something about the car appealed to me greatly. I immediately set out on a mission in hunting the owner down, making phone calls to friends in hope that somebody might be able to introduce me to an S2000 owner that could point me in the right direction of finding this car.

Guess who was the very first S2000 owner I happened to be introduced to?

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