Weld Techniques Factory

Text by : Randy F, Photos by : Randy F

Weld Techniques Factory have come a long way from their big 4 door Toyota sedans that competed in Japanese D1 Grand Prix series and their latest creation has been making rounds on the internet. A Scion FR-S with an all metal wide body made by the guys at Hoshino Racing with the vision from Atsushi Ito who is the founder of Weld.


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Let’s Stance @ Kallang Carpark F

Text by : Ray Ng, Photos by : Wei Yu, Tecky

When I was in Taiwan, a friend of mine posted a poster of an upcoming meet called “Let’s Stance”. It was co-organised by many local and neighbouring Malaysian car enthusiasts. I agreed that I would go, but wouldn’t bother to wash my car or polish it due to it being a dimly-lit public venue, I could always leg it if authorities arrived and deem it to be an unlawful assembly (despite it being just a normal car meet).

I admit that I autosol-ed the lips.

I admit that I autosol-ed the lips.

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Event : Tokyo Auto Salon Singapore 2013

Text by : Neo, Photos by : Neo

For those who have yet to set their foot at the very 1st Tokyo Auto Salon in Singapore, here we bring to you some of the cars on display.

Here we will let you check out some of the pics …. yupp do stay tuned for a more detail write up.


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Tokyo Singapore Salon Singapore 2013

Text by : Randy F, Photos by : Randy F / Organizers

It was at a local motor show over a decade ago that I had my foremost encounter
with the Japanese car-tuning scene. The Kodak disposable cameras in their
trademark yellow casing were all the rage back than. I still recall vividly the flashes
from these devices going off brilliantly through out the venue, as their owners
endeavored to capture the JDM models and rides on film. To date, it is still one of
the finest motor shows ever held in Singapore in my books.

AW-1160x1805mm-for-upload Fast-forward to 2013 and we have Singapore’s principle media company MediaCorp, in cooperation with Muse Group, bringing Tokyo Auto Salon Singapore 2013 to the shores of our tiny nation-state. The inaugural Singapore show will be held at the Marina Bay Sands Expo® and Convention Centre from 12-14 April 2013.

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Random Snaps: Randy in Japan – Ford F100 Truck

Words by : RandyF, Ray Ng Photos by : RandyF

This is not your usual vehicle that you would expect to see here on TheRightWrong.Net. Randy, who was in Japan in May, had RWB in his to-do list of places to visit. Apparently, he wasn’t aware of Nakai-san’s busy schedule.

Japan – Ford F100 on the street near Sakasai

It was a disappointing trip down to RWB due to his fault on not calling Nakai-san on his availability and he was creating another master piece all the way in Moscow, Russia. Dejected, he made his 1 kilometre walk back to the train station.

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Events: VIP Hiace Meetup

Words by : Ray Ng, Photos by : Jie Yong

While The Right Wrong crew was covering VAG’s and BMW.SG’s meetup the end of 2011, tucked in a corner of the car park was a fleet of vans. On closer inspection, they were fifth generation Toyota Hiaces, and these 3,000cc machines were tricked out in full luxury.

And it feels like this, on a good day.

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Events: BMW.SG Meet

Words by : Ray Ng, Photos by : JieYong

We were supposed to be covering a VAG meet that Sunday at the parking lot at Leisure Park, but were lucky to stumble upon a group of BMW owners from BMW.SG having a small meet.

Quite a turnout.

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Events: BMW.SG Meet Preview

Words by : Ray Ng, Photos by : JieYong

Ben and myself got word that there would be a VAG meet at Kallang Leisurepark. We hesitated about it first due to the fact that it was the eve of our university examinations. Despite that, and for the love of the site, we decided to cover the event. Upon reaching, we noticed a group of BMWs on the other end of the parking lot. I decided to check it out.

Quite an assortment out of the candy box.

I was greeted with by a friendly bunch and their rides, BMWs of different models, and you could hear the sweet music played through the exhaust notes of some of the M series models that just arrived. Ben joked with me that if we parked our cars beside any of them it would be an eyesore, like the cars telling us, “it’s more than we could afford, pal.”

BMWs, back to back.

Well, all of us share the common love for cars, some may be the type that focus on aesthetics, some are hardcore track day participants, and everybody enjoys a good company on a Sunday afternoon. There are some BMWs that caught our attention, and we would love to share them here with everyone.

Getting them sunkissed.

We will be getting the rest of the pictures up soon, rather taxing on us since we had only one photographer that day, and we have just finished our examinations. Nonetheless, stay tuned to The Right Wrong and be updated at our Facebook page HERE.

Events : Singapore’s S2000 Meet

Words by : Ray Ng, Photos by : Neo

It’s been roughly 2 months since TheRightWrong.net started as a Singaporean internet site directed at car enthusiasts from Asia and Worldwide and in this short period of time, we achieved 1,400 likes on our Facebook page, and more than 18,000 individual hits on this website. I’ll like to say a big thank you to everyone, like my readers and fellow crew members, who has made this possible. It has been a while since I wrote an article. I just came back from Sepang International Circuit after a week long stint where I was working as a pit crew for one of the race teams. We clinched first place in the Touring Production Class after the 12 hour Merdeka Millennium Endurance Race. That would explain the sudden lack of content on the website, though that race event was covered here on TheRightWrong.net.

The voyeuristic view through the fence had some gems within.

Well that aside, covering car-related events is something everyone at The Right Wrong looks forward to despite having our own personal commitments, be it work or school. We were greeted with an abundance of cars. In this case, many diverse examples of how a S2000 could be. Before my degree program, I worked in a car workshop where we built a track ready S2000 from the chassis up. The S2000 has always been one of my greatest loves aside from the NSX offered by Honda and personally my dream car too.

Don't mind me using newspapers for masking. Because RACE CAR.

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Net Catches : What is YOUR favourite?

Words by : Ben Wong, Photos by : Off the web

I surf quite a lot of forums to look for content to share on TheRightWrong.net. Just thought I’d share some of my favourites. I never managed to find great Euro content though. I’d be greatly appreciative if some of our readers could share with us what is YOUR favourite pictures. Post on our Facebook page HERE!