2014 Tokyo Auto Salon : Essence (Part 2)

We are back with the second part of the Tokyo Auto Salon 2014 since the long awaited Part 1. The other brand that had a booth that was swapped with audience is none other than Trust with their R35X which grabbed best of show for 2014.  TAS2014_MG_8176web

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2014 Tokyo Auto Salon : Essence (Part 1)

Text by : Randy F, Photos by : Randy F

Time flies. It has been over a month since the conclusion of the 2014 Tokyo Auto Salon. Owing to a mad work schedule, thrilling personal hobby and editing of a massive amount of photographs from this recent trip to Japan, this article came a wee bit later than expected. Nonetheless, I hope it still tickles your fancy!

After a short haul flight from Singapore, my plane touched down at Narita Airport. On a side note if any you decide to travel there, do book a flight that lands directly at Haneda Airport. It is unquestionably closer to the city center and you would not have to deal with the sheer horror of missing a connecting flight from Narita to Haneda! Fortunately for me, I flew in an entire day before the event opening. After sorting out my transit mishap, I still made it to the Tokyo Auto Salon Media Day in good time, attended the annual RWB New Year meet up at Roppongi Hills, and even went around to a handful of Japanese tuners.

For the first portion of this post, I have decided to showcase what the Japanese tuners have brought to the show and what may be fast catching on as the trends of 2014.


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Sepang International Circuit : Time to Attack Round 1

Text by : Randy F, Photos by : Randy F

The clock ticked past 11pm on the 18th of May. A miniscule gathering of friends gathered to embark on a 300+ KM drive up to Sepang International Circuit, to act as a support and pit crew for a friend who was participating in the Time To Attack, organized by ZerotoHundred.com.


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Tokyo Auto Salon Singapore : Scaled Racers

Text by : Randy F, Photos by : Randy F

The composed calmness in their eyes do not reflect the slightly rickety hands nor the thumping heartbeats of both drivers preparing to tear up the track, sideways. A riveting highlight of the event that attracted a large crowd, both the young and the young at heart, was the 1/10 RC drift competition organized by Street Revolution, a local RC supplies store.


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Events: MPT Supersprint at Kallang Leisurepark Teaser

Text by : Ray Ng, Photos by : Tecky

The MPT Group brought back the drag race that was once part of Singapore’s motor racing history. As Singapore is land scarce, the race is actually being held within a parking lot, and the drag strip is only 180 metres long. There are actually many other viable venue alternatives like the Changi Exhibition Centre, F1 Pit Centre, or even closing half a section of a long straight public road.

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Random Snaps: Wheel Spinning Action

This photo was taken at a recent drag race held locally. Not the usual car you will see participating at a drag race when it seems more suited for drifting. Nonetheless, the driver never fails to show that his S15 packs a punch, and also one to be reckoned with on the strip.

I’d rather smoke tires than cigarettes.

Random Snaps: Japan – GTR R32 at Asahi Beer Factory

Words by : RandyF Photos by : RandyF

One of my itineraries for my Japan trip was to visit the beer manufacturers, Asahi and go on a tour at their factory, nothing less from a beer junky.
Arrival from the usual Japanese hospitality with a free bus ride from the local train station at an exact time down to the minutes. There it was, one of my favorite varient of the GTR family only 2nd to the Hakosuka was chilling in the facilities’ parking area.

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Feature: Vinnie’s S15 from Australia

Words by : E3lipse Photography, Photos by : Sng Wei Jie (E3lipse Photography)

David or Vinnie as he known within his circle of friends is a car enthusiast. When I was over at his house to meet him , his dad rolled in in a classic MA70 Supra. Sometimes the motorhead grease flows in the blood, not for me though, whose father believes a car is made to go from point A to B with bare minimal power.

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