Weld Techniques Factory

Text by : Randy F, Photos by : Randy F

Weld Techniques Factory have come a long way from their big 4 door Toyota sedans that competed in Japanese D1 Grand Prix series and their latest creation has been making rounds on the internet. A Scion FR-S with an all metal wide body made by the guys at Hoshino Racing with the vision from Atsushi Ito who is the founder of Weld.


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2014 Tokyo Auto Salon : Essence (Part 2)

We are back with the second part of the Tokyo Auto Salon 2014 since the long awaited Part 1. The other brand that had a booth that was swapped with audience is none other than Trust with their R35X which grabbed best of show for 2014.  TAS2014_MG_8176web

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Let’s Stance @ Kallang Carpark F

Text by : Ray Ng, Photos by : Wei Yu, Tecky

When I was in Taiwan, a friend of mine posted a poster of an upcoming meet called “Let’s Stance”. It was co-organised by many local and neighbouring Malaysian car enthusiasts. I agreed that I would go, but wouldn’t bother to wash my car or polish it due to it being a dimly-lit public venue, I could always leg it if authorities arrived and deem it to be an unlawful assembly (despite it being just a normal car meet).

I admit that I autosol-ed the lips.

I admit that I autosol-ed the lips.

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Sepang International Circuit : Time to Attack Round 1

Text by : Randy F, Photos by : Randy F

The clock ticked past 11pm on the 18th of May. A miniscule gathering of friends gathered to embark on a 300+ KM drive up to Sepang International Circuit, to act as a support and pit crew for a friend who was participating in the Time To Attack, organized by ZerotoHundred.com.


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Event : Tokyo Auto Salon Singapore 2013

Text by : Neo, Photos by : Neo

For those who have yet to set their foot at the very 1st Tokyo Auto Salon in Singapore, here we bring to you some of the cars on display.

Here we will let you check out some of the pics …. yupp do stay tuned for a more detail write up.


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Feature : All that’s Black is Carbon Fiber.

Text by : Ben Wong, Photos by : RandyF & Shane

“All that glitters is gold”. Ever heard of that phrase being used in modern times? Probably not unless you live in Dubai where people actually gold plate their entire cars in 24k gold. So what does a modern more realistic country like Singapore have?

“All that’s black is carbon fiber”.

It is a much more modern phrase and something that a lot of tuner cars can use, much like the 50 shades of grey GTR featured previously. On TheRightWrong, we feature the very best of Singapore’s automotive scene as long as we have access to them. Some are street rollers, some are fully build off-road registered track cars but mostly are maniac level modded street cars. This time however……

Is no different.


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Feature : The Cleanest Evo X on the streets

Words by : Ben Wong, Photos by : Neo

Two weeks ago we held a little Evolution family gathering. The owner of this car, Alastair was sporting enough make himself available TWICE on public holidays instead of spending time with his family just to attend our shoots. The Evolution gathering HERE was done on Christmas day itself and this particular one you are currently reading was done on New Year’s day. It’s almost becoming a TheRightWrong tradition to celebrate special occasions this way. Not a bad tradition I must say.

Only missing cherry blossoms

It is not very often that a photographer will be satisfied with their photos. There are that handful of people that think ownership of an expensive camera makes them automatically transform into a professional photographer. This might purely be my opinion but I believe there is a basic essential that differentiates great photographers. The makings of a great photographer is one that is never or at the very least, seldom satisfied with their own work. Take a little time with an open mind and understand the logic behind this and you’ll understand where I’m going with this. Of course if you have a different opinion, whining on the comment box at the bottom of this feature and our Facebook is always available.

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Random Snaps : Evolved Evolution

Words by : Ben Wong, Photos by : Neo

So I happened to bump into a friend a couple of days back and had our very talented photographer Neo with me. Couldn’t resist asking him to take a couple of quick shots of both our rides. This picture is supposed to represent the platform which the Evolution evolved from, from an Evo 6 to an Evo 9.

Then again, this Evo 6 looks a heck lot more evolved then my skinny little Evo 9. More pictures to come of this random snap soon!