Osaka JDM

Text by : Randy F, Photos by : Randy F

Car Craft Boon also known as Osaka JDM to many, is like the holy grail for Honda motor heads around the world. The photos in this post took a total of 2 years and 2 seperate trips (2013,2014) before I actually found the time to sit down and write it.


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Weld Techniques Factory

Text by : Randy F, Photos by : Randy F

Weld Techniques Factory have come a long way from their big 4 door Toyota sedans that competed in Japanese D1 Grand Prix series and their latest creation has been making rounds on the internet. A Scion FR-S with an all metal wide body made by the guys at Hoshino Racing with the vision from Atsushi Ito who is the founder of Weld.


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Feature : A milestone.

Photos by : Neo

We haven’t posted many feature cars recently and its something that we feel quite sheepish about. In the middle of our day jobs, our after-work lives, our aim to shift our website to a better host with a more updated and user friendly layout and our constant search for opportunities to host events for the Singapore car community, we haven’t been taking the time out of our personal lives to search and organize photo shoots for new feature cars.

Our Facebook page however has been absolutely amazing and we can’t express how much we appreciate the love everyone that has liked our page has shown, constantly commenting and sharing the photos we post. We knew the Facebook page was going to hit a milestone of 500,000 likes soon and we wanted to at least have a feature on the website for your viewing pleasure. So we spent 6 hours of our Saturday night driving around searching for locations, getting shouted at by a Caucasian male who thought our cars were too loud while we were adjusting the positions and wetting our pants when we had to drive through a road block during a change of location.

The feature Evo in this post is owned by one of the most supportive friends that has been supporting TheRightWrong from the very beginning. His car was actually one of the first few cars we featured on the site but has recently undergone a complete make over. Unfortunately, he has made the difficult decision to put the car up for sale and we could not let the car get sold before giving it a final photo shoot.


The other Civic you see is owned by our very talented photographer, Neo. His civic which is heavily inspired by the many race civics from around the world sports a custom widebody and custom front bumper. You’ll be seeing more of this car sometime in the near future.

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90’s Inspired Civic EF-9 : All function.

Text by : Randy F, Photos by : Randy F

The early 90s gave birth to iconic cars like the Toyota Supra, Mazda RX-7 FD and Godzilla of a beast the Nissan Skyline R32 GTR. I personally couldn’t wait for the era of boxy R31s to pass, which was like the middle bastard child. The 70s gave us the Hakosukas and 2000GT while the 90s gave us the above, both of which are generations of cars I love.

The terrible car system that we have locally made many people give up cars of their dreams and forced to move on to newer cars, with the 150% road tax for cars that have passed the 10th year mark, its simply not rationale to keep old cars.

HongYao is one of the many that decided to persevere in keeping cars of that era running on the our roads. Moving from a Suzuki Swift GTi, he then made the purchase of a Honda Civic EF-9, one of the few still in existent here.


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Feature: Brendan’s S2000.

Text by : Ray Ng. Photos by : RandyF & Neo

Somehow to me it looks like a fierce Asimo.

Somehow to me it looks like a fierce Asimo.

Although this is the third S2000 to be featured on The Right Wrong, it is the first time I’m writing about a fellow editor’s ride. Forgive me for being self indulgent, but Brendan has featured two of my previous cars in different magazines, one a centrefold, and the other adorning the cover page. By penning this article, I wouldn’t say I’m returning a favour, I would say he, and his S2000, very much deserve it.

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Feature : All that’s Black is Carbon Fiber.

Text by : Ben Wong, Photos by : RandyF & Shane

“All that glitters is gold”. Ever heard of that phrase being used in modern times? Probably not unless you live in Dubai where people actually gold plate their entire cars in 24k gold. So what does a modern more realistic country like Singapore have?

“All that’s black is carbon fiber”.

It is a much more modern phrase and something that a lot of tuner cars can use, much like the 50 shades of grey GTR featured previously. On TheRightWrong, we feature the very best of Singapore’s automotive scene as long as we have access to them. Some are street rollers, some are fully build off-road registered track cars but mostly are maniac level modded street cars. This time however……

Is no different.


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Feature : A diffferent Stance.

Text by : Ben Wong, Photos by : RandyF

I’m sure by now most of you would have heard that LTA  says illegal modifications are very bad, very very bad, and they now can potentially detain your car for up to 3 months. The same people that have the ability to tell you “Exhaust modifications will affect brakes and steering”. Apparently they’re not all too familiar with the things they are governing.

Nevertheless, since cars with modified exhausts will supposedly cause danger to the Pandas we lovingly imported from China, the environment,  humans, animals, insects, the weather, the sleeping babies that will get woken up by noise and pretty much every possible imaginable scenario that can be thought of to be used as an excuse against cars with modified exhausts, we decided to feature a car that takes modifying on a different stance.

Stance being a keyword here.

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Feature : Sideways on the streets of Sabah

Text and photos by : Jonathan Ng

I first met Andy, the cousin of my girlfriend and newly wedded groom while visiting the couple’s new house in December last year. There sat a sweet Toyota with fender flares and fat tyres in his drive way. It perked my interest and the ever so friendly and cheerful Andy happily showed me the two cars he owned. His daily driver Unser…

which has a 4AG swap for a bit of power and fuel economy and his dedicated Toyota Corolla DX drift car.

His car was featured in a local car mag once before as he proudly showed me the feature article.

As my trip back in December was too short to have the chance to meet his friends, I made sure I would have the chance my next visit.

Feature: Benjamin’s Drift Supra

Words by : Ray Ng, Photos by : RandyF, Shane JieYong

Some people engage in extreme sports to get their adrenaline rush. Certain ingredients in foods, like sugar, makes some go gaga; however, personally sodium chloride does it for me.

1:1 scale Hot Wheels toy car.

Eating salty Mcdonalds while penning this article I wondered what is the first thing that comes into my mind when it comes to a Toyota Supra built for drift. Unfortunately it was the viral video of this Russian girl having her buttons on her blouse all bursting, exposing her rack while seated in a drifting Supra.

Manizha Faraday, if you’re wondering.

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