Weld Techniques Factory

Text by : Randy F, Photos by : Randy F

Weld Techniques Factory have come a long way from their big 4 door Toyota sedans that competed in Japanese D1 Grand Prix series and their latest creation has been making rounds on the internet. A Scion FR-S with an all metal wide body made by the guys at Hoshino Racing with the vision from Atsushi Ito who is the founder of Weld.


Tokyo Auto Salon brought me close to this very creation and allowed me to briefly go through some of the details of car. However, only it would require a full and uninterrupted day to fully realize all the details that has been painstakingly put into it. An appointment was made with Ito san and we drove through Tokyo city to the shop located in the Yokohama prefecture to have a tour of the shop as well as shoot some photos of it.

The paintwork of the vehicle is an absolute master piece and no amount of photos will be able to do it justice. What seems like a candy apple red is actually highlighted with a lighter tone on all the lines of the car to give the illusion that there is a constant light source being shined on the car.WELD_MG_9138web

When I said all metal, it meant that anything that was bonded to metal was metal, but changes made to the bumper were in plastic as how the factory would do. Its not random some bondo job here.WELD_MG_9141web

Here you can see the details in the paint, the highlight and flawless paint which is free of swirl marks.WELD_MG_9196web

A short interview was also made by Brendan from local magazine AFTMKT. The car is direct from USA thus the FR-S and all puzzled us why not the JDM variant of a GT86. He just wanted to be different as Ito explained to us.WELD_MG_9186web


Ito san gave me an impression of the he couldn’t care less about what others think about his styles felt as though he lived without a worry in the world. We also understood later why some of his American friends gave him the nickname Johnny, they felt that the name suited him because of his carefree personality.WELD_MG_9203web

Back to the FR-S, the front end was spotting a widened original bumper with an lip spoiler mated to it.WELD_MG_9187web

The car was sitting on perfect stance wearing a set of Works XSA04C which was done in collaboration between the two companies.WELD_MG_9185web

Hidden behind those shinny billet aluminum wheels are a set of custom anodised Project Mu brake kit featuring some awesome detailed machining done to both the caliper and disc.WELD_MG_9231web

The exterior is completed with a set of trick Voltex swan neck wing stands that has yet to go into production. It seems to be quite in trend as seen on many cars at the Tokyo Auto Salon, the Liberty Walk R35 had their own custom set too.WELD_MG_9193web

Details are constantly been spotted through out the build, even the number plates has a feel of old school american touch with gold and silver leafing finished with some pin stripe.WELD_MG_9249web

Details goes into the interior too with a set of semi bucket seats bearing the Weld logo.WELD_MG_9258web

Personalized air freshener? Check.WELD_MG_9247web

The engine bay is a sea of polished and chrome metal with a set of custom headers and quad throttles. Yes, that’s a 1/10 scale XSA04C that hasn’t been launched yet.WELD_MG_9199web


When I thought that the immaculate paint work was only done on the exterior, hell I was wrong. High gloss fender arches topped with some gradient work made it as though this car was trying to compete for some Ridler Awards or so.WELD_MG_9191web

That was all the details I was able to capture about the car. I am certain there are much more subtle little details throughout the car that I did not manage to catch within such a short period of time.WELD_MG_9153web

Ito also decided to give us a break down on how the manifold was done with some cast iron forming techniques.WELD_MG_9207web


Weld D1 cars always had such eye catching graphics on them.WELD_MG_9220web

As we move into the office/rest area, we were in company of the iconic Weld Mark 2.WELD_MG_9268web

We decided to end the tour with a walk upstairs where most of the 1/10 magic starts. Ok, its more of me that wanted to go there. 😀

The Overdose Vacula which is their own brand RC drift chassis which is pretty much sold out everywhere online.WELD_MG_9287web

With that we end our tour at Weld Techniques Factory and headed for some Japanese food. I will be back in Japan in summer, do let us know if there’s anything interesting happening over in Tokyo and I would love to meet some of our readers and chat about cars.


Randy F


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